Nov 042015

If you like this radio documentary that captures the sounds of MichFest and interviews with womyn on the Land from the Last Fest, please consider letting the programming committee know at WORT 89.9 FM. You can write to them at Encourage them to air a weekly or monthly program that would strictly focus on the interests of girls and women and please cc me or Bcc me at so I can keep track of the letters. Thanks and enjoy the documentary!

Also, check out Voices from the Land, another creative project to preserve MichFest culture.

  9 Responses to ““The Sounds of MichFest 2015: a Radio Documentary of the 40th and Final Fest””

  1. thanks so much for this. i love all the thoughtful words by womyn speaking their truths even as it has become increasingly difficult to do so.

    my favorite part was your narration of walking the land because i could picture each place you passed & felt i was walking along the path with you.

    much love to all my amazon sisters!! may we continue to rise!!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. To hear the sounds of that sweet, peacefull and loving space. I will forever save this recording and play it often when I am missing my home.j27

  3. Thank you for standing for us! There are many of us and we are rising!
    I directed The Candlelight Concert, the closing of the Michigan festival for many years. Rise my Amazon sisters!

  4. Beautiful. I love the sounds of fest in the background in addition to the interviews and parts of workshops. You have really captured something that is a good memory for us to have now that it is gone. Thank you.

  5. I just listened to this, today, Jan.20,2016. I live in Northern Wisconsin, now. Previously lived in Madison. This documentary is superb, and reflects an accurate experience of the 40th MichFest. This documentary also clearly explains the importance of sustaining women only spaces and time, in our society. Actually, it is for the benefit of all, women and men, and their families. It gives females safety and the opportunity for restoration, in the male dominated culture in which we live. It really is about love for self, and love for our greater world, our planet. Thistle’s documentary is extremely educative, and, accurate. Silenced Radio, is dangerous, and I know that every WORT member really knows that, deep inside. I went to WORT’s 35th Birthday party this year, as I was in Madison for an extended visit. To bring harm and hate to the livelihoods of any persons, is absolutely wrong. Bringing inclusive music and ideas to people, is something all listeners are entitled to, but it must not be cloaked in hatred. Misogyny is not always as readily perceived, as it is sometimes layered in what otherwise looks like advocacy and protection for all peoples, such as in The Equality Act. A closer look, reveals something else, other than equal rights and protection. Thank you WORT for airing such fine, educative, and, inclusive shows such as this Documentary, produced by Thistle.

  6. Thank you for this! I always wanted to attend Fest, but alas, I guess it won’t be possible now. It’s so hard to be a radfem these days. Great sounds! 🙂 Please keep this page up so others can hear and experience as well.

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