(To the right) Live performance at Dacha Studios in Madison on October 16th, 2011 with Page Foster on harmony vocals, Ben Willis on upright bass, Marissa Reinholtz on viola and Celeste Abril Ixchel on musical saw. This is a new collection of songs called “Through a Window” that takes you on a journey of personal and political transformations. T.J. doctored up this recording, adding special effects tracks, more guitar playing and a sonar sound solo to the BP song for the final version!
Through A Window (2012) Posted in two formats:MP3: Smaller files, lower audio fidelity FLAC: Larger files, high fidelity (won’t play on all devices)
Garnet (MP3) Garnet (FLAC) 4:17
Through A Window (MP3) Through A Window (FLAC) 2:27
How I’ll Sing (MP3) How I’ll Sing (FLAC) 2:42
The BP Song (MP3) The BP Song (FLAC) 3:04
Austin (MP3) Austin (FLAC) 4:54
Green Tara (MP3) Green Tara (FLAC) 3:49
Beautiful (MP3) Beautiful (FLAC) 2:32
The World (MP3) The World (FLAC) 3:03
Half Full (MP3) Half Full (FLAC) 5:20
Earth’s Barren Ground (MP3) Earth’s Barren Ground (FLAC) 2:49
Bella Ciao (MP3) Bella Ciao (FLAC) 2:40
Performance on Mad Toast Live on February 15th, 2011 at the Brink Lounge in Madison. Xander on horn and bells, Betsy on violin, Leslie on toy accordion, vocals and sonar sounds, Leah on vocals and mandolin, Celeste on musical saw, Ben on upright bass and me on guitar and vocals. Awesome show! Click here to play show at the Brink Lounge on 2/15/11
Performance at Ambrosia Co-op on October 22nd, 2010 right before our bike ride to Edgerton. Ben Willis on bass, Steve Pingry on cello and Nicole Klinge on trash-kit percussion.The True Cost of Coal banner by the Beehive Collective is in the background. They presented on mountain top removal and organizing efforts to stop BIG COAL COMPANIES from causing further destruction.
Performance at Bablith Fair 2010, an annual women’s music event benefiting Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI, 10/31/2010 ~ Kenny Jones on stand-up bass, Xander on trumpet and Nicole Klinge on trash-kit percussion. Adam Wiesenfarth was the sound engineer.
Live at Bablith Fair 2010
How I’ll Sing For You (MP3) 2:37
BP Song (MP3) 2:41
Don’t Have Me (MP3) 4:16
Sticky Red Egg (MP3) 3:15
Beautiful (MP3) 2:27
Hurricane Waltz (by Raina Rose) (MP3) 4:40
Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen) (MP3) 3:39

Complete Show (MP3, 37.5 MB)

Songs from my album Animal Dreams for free download, but only three, so be sure to get the whole full-length recording by clicking on the album cover on the homepage. Resistance Sticky Red Egg Sleep Walking
Here is the entire Animal Dreams release party. It was recorded on June 14th, 2008 in Madison at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga Studio with a digital recorder. Thank you to friends from Chicago and Madison who made it such an enjoyable experience. The Show


songs performed LIVE by thistle at KMUD 91.1 FM’s annual block party, 2006
click on song to preview… right click and save to disk to download.
next bold move by Ani sugar plum dreamsshoulder
song from gas fast tour 2005
written by adhamh, harmony vocals by thistle
click on song to preview… right click and save to disk to download.
songs from album we are more – 2003
songs from album necessary accessories – 2002
click on song to preview… right click and save to disk to download.
click on song to preview… right click and save to disk to download.
songs from album paradise – 1999
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