“Thistle’s voice is provocative and powerful. With raspy realism, her lyrics paint a picture of life on the road (via bicycle), rage about the killing of the earth and a commitment to fight back.”

–Earth First! Journal

Who I am and what’s here

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. I am a singer/songwriter and environmental activist living in Madison, Wisconsin. To book a show, please contact me via email at thistle@riseup.net.

My musical background and current musical projects: I learned how to sing harmony from my Dad when I was growing up in the 1980’s. I sang in choirs and musicals in high school and was in my college choir that toured Europe, California and Colorado in the early 90’s.  I have done several folk music tours by bicycle and two car tours of the Midwest since then, partnering with an eclectic group of musicians and with the Beehive Collective, an arts collective based out of Maine. I play both a nylon string guitar and a steel string, depending on the mood of the song. Lyrics writing and coming up with interesting twists and turns in melodies, harmonies and arrangements are areas I have focused on that make my sound and style unique.

About my activist endeavors and projects: I was co-founder of the Grassroutes Caravan for the 2008 Republican National Convention protests in St. Paul. The GRC was an intentional community-building institution based out of Madison from 2007 – 2012. Through this bicycle advocacy work, I volunteered on a committee to organize a mobile bicycle village to Detroit for the US Social Forum in 2010 and then the Soular Ride to Custer, WI in 2011 for the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. Grassroutes Caravan rides last anywhere from one to three weeks long and we live together, 24/7 on the road, camping when we stop, and traveling by bicycle, pulling trailers of kitchen equipment, sleeping bags and even kids.  Two of our rides included children ranging in age from 18 months to ten years old. In May of 2012, the GRC rode from Madison to Chicago for the NATO actions, demonstrations and protests. Currently, I organize to support indigenous treaty rights in northern Wisconsin and anti-mining struggles in the Midwest through Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA). I also organize large, multi-faceted benefit variety shows to help raise funds for environmental and social justice causes.

Check out the lyrics of many of my songs to hear more about adventures in taking on the fossil fuels war makers in mass movement and my own movement of personal re-wilding to Nature as I ride.

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  1. Its been a while since i checked up on your website. Thanks for the great music, & your activist efforts!

  2. Didn’t know you were into biking. I like your work and hope to catch a local show when you are playing. Forrest (Brad, Lee’s dad)

  3. Hi! This is a shout to say hello to Thistle, whom I used to know in Ann Arbor, many lives ago. I had a different name then. I had a studio at the Performance Network. You were thinking about grad school then. We talked about recording but never did.

    Cool to see you’re making music and doing activist stuff. I think about you sometimes whenever I go into a food co-op as u tried to organize workers there. I was on yr side, so i’m really not that big a fan of co-ops anymore.

    Anyway, I’m working with mostly chicago anarchists now, maybe making a film for the chicago anarchist film festival, http://chicagoanarchistfilmfest.com/

    Well, just wanted to say hello and it was nice to see you on youtube around the scott walker recall. 🙂



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